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Kia Oil Change Service

At Ray Skillman Southside Kia, we operate a certified service center ready to provide world-class oil change services for all Kia cars, minivans, and SUVs.

Oil Change in Indianapolis, IN

Our oil changes offer attractive quality and remarkable value because we perform them according to Kia’s strict service standards as a global automotive industry leader.

Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic – Fully synthetic engine oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil; it also keeps your engine cleaner and flows better in both hot and cold conditions.
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  • Conventional – Made from refined crude oil, conventional engine oil keeps your engine’s moving metal components lubricated so that they will not be damaged by friction.
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  • Semi-Synthetic – This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it’s less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
  • Diesel – If your vehicle has a diesel engine, it will require a special oil that has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines, as well as additional anti-wear additives.

Overview of Kia Oil Changes

At Ray Skillman Southside Kia, we operate a service center staffed with highly qualified technicians that install genuine engine oil and oil filter with each oil change service. We are ready to provide the recommended oil change across all Kia models.

Genuine Oil Change Service

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When you own a Kia that is due for its next routine oil change service, we take the hassle and guesswork out of the decision with a certified service center that our loyal customers have come to trust. We are conveniently located on the southside of Indianapolis, IN near Greenwood, Smith Valley, Southport, and Bargersville, IN.

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