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Genuine Kia Parts

At Ray Skillman Southside Kia, we think answering this question is easy: it is always an excellent decision to trust the Kia experts that offer genuine Kia parts and genuine Kia service.

Kia Parts Department in Indianapolis, IN

If your Kia car, minivan, or SUV ever needs to replace a faulty or damaged part, you have a decision to make – should I roll the dice on a generic aftermarket part with service provided by an average mechanic, or should I rely on a genuine Kia part with the repair service provided by experts that understand my vehicle and its service requirements better than anyone else?

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Kia Brakes


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What Are the Benefits of Genuine Kia Parts?

Genuine Kia Parts will always provide our customers with the most value for their money because you can expect to realize these excellent benefits:

  • Genuine parts are exactly the same as the parts initially installed on your vehicle
  • Takes the hassle out of your replacement part selection
  • Heightened assurance of quality
  • Comes with a warranty
  • Offers the most value
  • Readily available at the same dealership that you purchased your vehicle
  • Meet performance and safety standards that you expect

What Parts Can I Get at the Kia Parts Department?

No matter if you need an air filter for a Kia Forte in Greenwood, alternator for a Kia Soul in Smith Valley, brake pads for a Kia Optima in Southport, spark plugs for a Kia Sorento, or wiper blades for a Kia Sportage, rest assured that our Kia parts department has the exact part that your Kia vehicle requires to get back on the road with peak performance, reliability, and passenger safety at factory specifications. The Kia parts department at Ray Skillman Southside Kia is stocked full of genuine OEM Kia Parts explicitly designed and rigorously tested for fit and performance.

Genuine OEM Parts Are a Genuinely Smart Decision

It is always a wise vehicle management strategy to match the replacement part that it needs with a genuine part explicitly designed for use in your vehicle. Genuine authentic Kia parts offer tremendous benefits above and beyond merely getting your car back on the road. When you only accept Genuine OEM Kia Parts, you are free of the risks associated with generic aftermarket parts that offer no performance guarantee, were manufactured without the highest quality assurance standards, and usually fail far before genuine Kia parts.

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