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Kia Transmission Service

There are several transmission services to keep it in good shape.

Kia Transmission Services in Indianapolis, IN

It takes a lot of important parts of your car for you to drive it. And one of the most important parts of your car is the transmission. It’s important to keep the transmission of your car in good condition. The transmission is responsible for allowing you to shift gears when you’re decreasing or increasing speed.

Transmission Services

  • Transmission Inspection – If your vehicle’s transmission is showing signs of trouble, from difficulty shifting to odd noises to a slipping transmission, our certified technicians can inspect the transmission to find the root of the problem.
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  • Transmission Fluid Exchange – All transmission fluid acts as a lubricant, and automatic transmission fluid also serves as a coolant; when this fluid gets old, it’s important to have it changed in order to keep your transmission functioning.
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  • Transmission Replacement – While transmissions can sometimes be repaired, it often ends up being less expensive to simply replace a damaged or worn transmission entirely; our expert technicians can replace your transmission here.
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Why Kia Transmission Services is So Important

There are several reasons why transmission services are so important. When your transmission is operating properly, you can smoothly drive and shift gears. If you put transmission services off for your car, it may not be efficient or safe to drive your vehicle. Plus, you will increase the chances of having to have a transmission replacement. Keeping your transmission in good shape saves you money.

Kia Transmission Service

Selecting Kia Transmission Services in Indianapolis

Since the transmission is such an important component of your car, it’s important to have someone service it that you trust. At the Ray Skillman Southside Kia service center in Indianapolis, you get Kia certified transmission service. Their certified technicians are able to access the condition of your transmission and make any necessary repairs. Ray Skillman Southside Kia in Indianapolis is the top choice for many car owners in Indianapolis. Need transmission service? Call Ray Skillman Southside Kia in Indianapolis today.

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