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Windshield Wiper Blade Service

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The Importance of Good Windshield Wipers – What the Best Wiper Blades Can Do

Windshield wiper blades are often the simplest and most overlooked of safety features a car has. You only use them when it’s raining, and you certainly aren’t going to change them when it’s raining, and there’s no reason to think about them on a sunny day. Unless your windshield is dirty and you need to use the built-in windshield washer to quickly clean it until you have time to do a more thorough job. Or when it snowed the night before, or when humidity causes the windshield to fog up, or if ice has formed overnight. The issue with windshield wipers is how important they are in certain situations, yet how they are forgotten when not in use. That’s why they are part of the multi-point inspection the vehicle goes through at certain mileages and at least once per year for the safety inspection.


Why Wiper Blades Wear Out

Wiper blades wear out because they are thin, inexpensive pieces of rubber that spend a good portion of their lives outdoors. Theoretically, wiper blades could be made of stronger construction and last the car’s lifetime under normal circumstances, but that would make them quite expensive to replace should they become damaged by road debris. They also might wear out because of sun exposure during regular driving or parked in a hot parking lot. If it’s parked outside at night, it receives the direct elements of weather conditions. If it’s parked in a garage, the wipers are still exposed to heat and freezing temperatures along with the varying humidity levels throughout the seasons.

What Can Happen when Windshield Wipers Go Bad

The most obvious problem when windshield wipers go bad is how they don’t fully wipe the rain from the windshield. It doesn’t make the car unable to drive, but can be a safety hazard because of reduced visibility. However, what drivers don’t typically realize is that if the wipers are not replaced, they continue to wear down. Eventually, the metal and plastic structural aspects of the wipers will come into contact with the windshield and scratch or crack it. Windshield wipers may not seem as important, but like every maintenance issue a car might experience, the problem only gets worse over time and causes more expensive damage to repair than the price of just fixing it in the first place.

How to Conduct Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement

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